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Brand. It’s the fundamental idea that defines everything you do.

You love the ones that work. You fail to notice the ones that don’t. New businesses struggle to build them. Established ones become trapped by them. You should know your own inside out. But being so close to it doesn't give you the space to challenge it. To move forward.

Does it make people relate to you? To want you? Does it remind your people of who you are, but show you what you could be?

The best ones never stop asking questions. They change with you.
They stay hungry.

1. Understand success

If you approach brand as a tick box. If you just care about what you look like. If it’s merely ok to say you do something. If you jump in with two feet without knowing your goal. You will fail.

By identifying our version of success we’ll be able to focus on how we get there. How we measure what we do. How we make the intangible, tangible.

2. Build on truths

Brand is not a decoration. It’s who you are. It can’t be faked or manufactured. So when we cultivate your brand we need to identify your truths. It’s essential it works with your commercial fundamentals. We’ll work together to ensure it’s built on the little nuggets that make you, you. That way your business won’t have to compromise at every crossroad, because your brand is your business.

3. Believe inside and out

If your own people don’t believe it — why should anyone else? It’s not enough for people to be ‘on board’ or merely read from the script. We need brand allies.

Make it theirs. Make them inspired and inspiring. Make them want to protect it and push it. Make fans inside to build them outside.

4. Live it. Everyday.

Brands don’t exist in pdf’s — they live in the real world. Resonating with real people. Everything we put out there needs to be strong, truthful and Human. Don’t underestimate the task — this project will never end. That is the fundamental truth of brand. It’s an ongoing (exciting) battle to stay relevant and maintain loyalty.

You need to stay hungry.

Making brands great in the real world

That’s what drives me. It’s why Stay Hungry was created. To help organisations correctly balance true brand integrity whilst not compromising on commercial necessities. Dealing with the pragmatism of reality isn’t easy. But with the correct brand fundamentals in place it can be achieved. You can be bold, successful and uncompromised.

I’ll help you get there. By always asking questions. By changing with you.
By staying hungry.
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